Pastor Ronaldo

Sign Art Ministry presents a weekend of Music in Motion

a Christian ASL performance and learning experience for everyone:

Deaf, ASL students, professional interpreters, and non-signers

Featured Sign Artist and Workshop Presenter:

Ronaldo Feliciano

image004Ronaldo Feliciano grew up in Bronx, New York; he became deaf at the age of two due to illness. Ronaldo entered Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida in 1988, where he met his wife, Jona; they have been married for over 20 years. Ronaldo completed his education and graduated from Harvest Deaf Bible College in Ringgold, Georgia in 1998. After graduation, Ronaldo worked as Bible teacher and Dean of Students for Harvest Deaf Bible College, and he served as music director and assistant Pastor at Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf.

Ronaldo, Jona, and daughter Beth moved to Tampa, Florida in 2004, where he serves as Pastor and music director of Grace Bible Deaf Church. His ministry, The Master’s Silent Sign Ministry, is an ideal venue for Ronaldo’s dramatic ASL music performances and his evangelistic work.

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